Luisa has a litter of five puppies born on June 22, 2017.
All puppies have been reserved now.



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We are a one-dog kennel, located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia . Our female Luisa is part of our family. With her we plan to raise puppies that will make as loving additions to their families, as Luisa is to ours. Being a small kennel, with only one litter of puppies a year, we can devote two whole months, our time and affection to them. Our focus is on having our puppies be well socialised, so that once they go to their new homes they will be able to adapt to their new surroundings and owners with ease.

We also implement a program called Bio Sensor (also known as “Super Dog program”), used for creating more stress resilient dogs through neurological stimulation at the puppies early age.

We are members of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada. Our female, Luisa, is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club